Meet Bob

A Principled Conservative Voice for Alberta.

Bob Benzen is a husband, the father of three grown children, and a lifelong businessman. He has lived in the riding of Calgary Heritage for over 30 years and currently lives in Evergreen. He entered politics to ensure we pass along a better future to our children and grandchildren—something we can only do by following principled conservative values.

Ottawa is filled with establishment bureaucrats, entrenched special interests, and career politicians. Bob isn’t one of them—he’s one of us.

Bob is driven by a desire to serve the public and ensure that our country remains the best place to live and raise a family. Bob believes Canada needs conservative leadership based on the principles of individual freedom, personal responsibility, and strong families. Those are the values that Bob advocates for on behalf of the constituents of Calgary Heritage. 

Why Bob is Running

Bob understands that in many ways, the current system is broken.

We are piling up massive amounts of debt that will be passed on to our children and grandchildren. It is harder to start a business, buy your first home, and find opportunity. Resource development has been stifled, with no credible alternative to meet our growing energy needs. We have seen multiple ethical failures in the current Liberal government—including the Jody Wilson-Raybould affair, the Mark Norman affair, the cover-up of sexual harassment in the military, and the WE Charity scandal. Increasingly, extreme groups are turning to lawlessness and rule-by-mob to solve our problems—such as with the illegal rail blockades and desecration of churches and statues. More and more the government wants to control how we live our lives, such as with the regulation of social media posts proposed in Bill C-10.

In short, Canada has many problems to solve. Principled conservative solutions can solve many of these problems. Bob is an outsider and not a career politician. We need people like Bob—people with experience raising a family and building a business—to shake up the system. 

Bob has three very good reasons why he wants to serve as your Member of Parliament—his three grown children. The future of Canada is at stake, and we need someone fighting for a future with opportunity, prosperity, and freedom for all. Bob is that fighter.

We need principled, common-sense conservative values taken to Ottawa.

Can Bob count on your vote?