Key Issues

Western Alienation

Alberta needs strong representation in Ottawa from principled MPs. Unfortunately, too many Canadians treat Alberta as an ATM, or a punching bag. 

The equalization and fiscal stabalization formulas are fundamentally unfair to Alberta. Since 2000, Alberta has sent over $324 Billion to the rest of Canada in net federal transfers than we have received back in services from the Government of Canada. 

Representation in Parliament is also fundamentally unfair. In Alberta, one MP represents approximately 119,000 people, whereas in Prince Edward Island, one MP represents only 35,000 people. In the Canadian Senate, Alberta has only 6 seats compared to a combined 48 for Quebec and Ontario. 

We need fewer MPs in Parliament with consistent representation by population across the country. We need a “Triple-E” Senate–one that is Effective, Equally apportioned among the Provinces, and Elected by voters in each province.

Bob Benzen will continue to be an advocate for Alberta in the House of Commons and in the Conservative Party–the only national party with members that will stand up for Alberta and Western Canada.   

Public Spending & Debt

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have already added over $500 Billion to Canada’s national debt in just 6 years. As we turn the page on this pandemic, we must get spending back under control and begin to pay down the massive debt pile that will be passed on to our children and grandchildren.

Post-Pandemic Recovery

We need a government focused on turning the page to a post-COVID world. This means getting back to normal and learning the lessons from this pandemic to prepare for the next national emergency.

We must wind down pandemic support programs responsibly to get spending under control, and we must ensure that our fundamental freedoms like freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom to worship are fully restored. We also must prepare for the next national emergency with a Canadian supply chain for critical items like rapid testing, vaccines and PPE, and we must improve our intelligence services to ensure we have advance warning of future crises.  

Freedom of Speech

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, along with their allies in the federal NDP and Bloc Quebecois, tried to ram through Bill C-10 this spring, which would have allowed government regulation of your posts to social media.

Bob Benzen voted NO on bill C-10, and will always vote to protect free speech, freedom of association, and freedom of religion in Canada.

Ottawa elites want to regulate every part of our lives—which is why we need a principled Member of Parliament that will stand up for our fundamental freedoms and fight against growing government intrusion into our lives.


Canada is seeing too many people flout our laws and traditions. This includes illegal blockades of railways and roads, desecration of public statues, burning of churches, and illegal entry at our border. Bob Benzen will always support the fundamental right to peaceful assembly and demonstration, but that also means supporting law enforcement to protect public and private property. We must enforce our laws and seek change through the democratic process—not by violence or rule-by-mob.

Resource Development & Pipelines

The Liberal government under Justin Trudeau has openly attacked resource development and caved to foreign environmental groups in its quest to “phase out” the oilsands.

  • The Liberals refused to stand up for the Keystone XL pipeline when U.S. President Biden retroactively revoked the border crossing permit (after that section of pipeline had been constructed), costing Alberta taxpayers over $1 Billion dollars.
  • The Liberals have no strategy to prevent the state government of Michigan from shutting down the safely operating Line 5 pipeline, despite the fact that it is subject to an international treaty.
  • Liberal government policy killed the $7.9 Billion Northern Gateway pipeline, the $15.7 Billion Energy East pipeline, and the $20.6 Billion Frontier Oil Sands Mine.
  • Foreign capital continues to flee Alberta due to the poor investment climate, including the recent closure of Morgan Stanley’s Calgary office for oil and gas financing.

Alberta needs to see that Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are replaced by a free-enterprise party that supports responsible development of our natural resources. The Conservative Party is the only national free-enterprise alternative to the Liberals.

Bob Benzen has worked in the energy industry his whole life and understands the devastation Justin Trudeau has brought. He won’t stop fighting for our oil and gas workers and will fight to end policies that stifle resource development.

Responsible Firearms Ownership

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have repealed mandatory minimum sentences for dangerous gun crimes, while at the same time bringing in new regulations and gun bans that only target peaceful, law-abiding gun owners. This makes no sense at all. Criminals who use guns while perpetrating a crime should be severely punished, and law abiding gun owners who go through licensing, background checks, and strict storage and transport requirements should not be treated as criminals.

Bob Benzen supports the repeal of Bill C-71 and the May 2020 order-in-council to restore common sense to gun ownership in Canada, and supports re-imposing mandatory minimum sentences for those convicted of crimes with a gun.